In this blog, I’ll be showing how we can create Greenplum object to connect to Dell ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage).

Dell ECS is the leading object-storage platform engineered to support both traditional and next-generation workloads. It can provide direct HTTP access to data through S3 Storage and is optimized for small and large file handling. It is Geo-distributed with Strong Consistency and enables global access and automatic disaster recovery.

External Table : An external table is a Greenplum database table backed with data that resides outside of the database. …

I would like to cover how we can use combination of Greenplum user defined and built-in functions to create dashboard that can provide insights into the periodic Growth(Daily, Weekly, Monthly) of your database, schema and object level with information like table size, row count, column count, column population as well as it’s lineage.

Below provided code samples can be leveraged to derive the information..

Step 1: Dynamic Function (count_rows)can be used to pass the schema and table name to capture the row count.

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION public.count_rows(schema text,tablename text)


LANGUAGE plpgsql


AS $$


result bigint;

praveen kadipikonda

My name in Praveen Kadipikonda, I work on designing and implementing Datawarehouse systems as Solution Architect, Data Architect and BI Reporting aspects.

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